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Minimal library for detecting flash crashes in cryptocurrency prices on Bitfinex


  • CLI for monitoring cryptocurrency prices for flash crashes
  • CLI for testing performance of a flash crash detector
  • Configurable flash crash detector for custom price monitoring


To install flashcrashed, do:

pip install flashcrashed

Basic Usage

To use flashcrashed, do:


To test the performance of a detector, do:


The default detector used is the detector.SimpleDetector. To use your own:

# my_detector.py
from flashcrashed.detector import Detector

class CustomDetector(Detector):
    def predict(self, price):
        # Return: 0 - BUY, 1 - HOLD (do nothing), 2 - SELL
        return 1

To test its performance:

flashtest --detector my_detector.CustomDetector

To run flashcrashed with custom detector:

flashcrashed --detector my_detector.CustomDetector